blastall 2.2.24 arguments:

  -p Program Name
  -d Database
  -e Expectation value (E) [Real]
    default = 1e-5
  -F Filter query sequence (DUST with blastn, SEG with others) [String]
    default = T
  -G Cost to open a gap (-1 invokes default behavior) [Integer]
    default = -1
  -E Cost to extend a gap (-1 invokes default behavior) [Integer]
    default = -1
  -q Penalty for a nucleotide mismatch (blastn only) [Integer]
    default = -3
  -r Reward for a nucleotide match (blastn only) [Integer]
    default = 1
  -v Number of database sequences to show one-line descriptions for (V) [Integer]
    default = 500
  -b Number of database sequence to show alignments for (B) [Integer]
    default = 250
  -g Perform gapped alignment (not available with tblastx) [T/F]
    default = T
  -M Matrix [String]
    default = BLOSUM62
  -U Use lower case filtering of FASTA sequence [T/F] Optional
  -n MegaBlast search [T/F]
    default = F