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  idGO:0005658   Detailed information
  namealpha DNA polymerase:primase complex
  def"A complex of four polypeptides, comprising large and small DNA polymerase alpha subunits and two primase subunits, which catalyzes the synthesis of an RNA primer on the lagging strand of replicating DNA; the smaller of the two primase subunits alone can catalyze oligoribonucleotide synthesis." [GOC:mah, PMID:11395402]
  synonym"DNA polymerase alpha:primase complex" EXACT []
  synonym"heterotetrameric polymerase alpha holoenzyme" EXACT []
  synonym"pol-prim" RELATED []
  synonym"primosome" BROAD []
  is_aGO:0043234 ! protein complex
  is_aGO:0044454 ! nuclear chromosome part
  relationshippart_of GO:0043601 ! nuclear replisome

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