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  idGO:0007064   Detailed information
  namemitotic sister chromatid cohesion
  def"The cell cycle process in which the sister chromatids of a replicated chromosome are joined along the entire length of the chromosome, from their formation in S phase through metaphase during a mitotic cell cycle. This cohesion cycle is critical for high fidelity chromosome transmission." [GOC:ai, GOC:rn, PMID:10827941, PMID:11389843, PMID:14623866]
  is_aGO:0007062 ! sister chromatid cohesion
  intersection_ofGO:0007062 ! sister chromatid cohesion
  intersection_ofpart_of GO:0000278 ! mitotic cell cycle
  relationshippart_of GO:0000070 ! mitotic sister chromatid segregation

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