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  idGO:0007287   Detailed information
  nameNebenkern assembly
  def"Fusion of mitochondria during insect spermatid differentiation to form two masses, which wrap around each other to form a densely packed sphere called the Nebenkern." [GOC:bf, ISBN:0879694238]
  commentSee also the cellular component term 'Nebenkern ; GO:0016006', and the fly_anatomy.ontology term 'Nebenkern ; FBbt:00004943'.
  synonym"Nebenkern formation" RELATED [GOC:dph]
  is_aGO:0003006 ! developmental process involved in reproduction
  is_aGO:0008053 ! mitochondrial fusion
  is_aGO:0048610 ! cellular process involved in reproduction
  relationshippart_of GO:0007286 ! spermatid development

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