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  idGO:0007297   Detailed information
  nameovarian follicle cell migration
  def"The directed movement of an ovarian follicle cell that takes place during oogenesis. During egg chamber formation, follicle cells migrate to envelop the germ-line cysts and move in between cysts. At stage 10B, follicle cells migrate centripetally between the nurse cells and the oocyte, enclosing the anterior of the egg. An example of this is found in Drosophila melanogaster." [GOC:mtg_sensu, PMID:10822261]
  synonym"follicle cell migration" BROAD []
  is_aGO:0016477 ! cell migration
  is_aGO:0048610 ! cellular process involved in reproduction
  relationshippart_of GO:0030707 ! ovarian follicle cell development

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