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  idGO:0007310   Detailed information
  nameoocyte dorsal/ventral axis specification
  def"The establishment, maintenance and elaboration of the dorsal/ventral axis of the oocyte. An example of this is found in Drosophila melanogaster." [GOC:mtg_sensu, ISBN:0879694238]
  synonym"oocyte dorsal-ventral axis specification" EXACT [GOC:mah]
  synonym"oocyte dorsal/ventral axis determination" RELATED [GOC:dph, GOC:tb]
  synonym"oocyte dorsoventral axis specification" EXACT [GOC:mah]
  is_aGO:0007309 ! oocyte axis specification
  is_aGO:0009950 ! dorsal/ventral axis specification

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