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  idGO:0007443   Detailed information
  nameMalpighian tubule morphogenesis
  def"The process in which the anatomical structures of the Malpighian tubule are generated and organized. This process takes place entirely during the embryonic phase. A Malpighian tubule is a fine, thin-walled excretory tubule in insects which leads into the posterior part of the gut." [GOC:bf, ISBN:0582227089]
  commentSee also the fly_anatomy.ontology term 'Malpighian tubule ; FBbt:00005786'.
  is_aGO:0048598 ! embryonic morphogenesis
  is_aGO:0061333 ! renal tubule morphogenesis
  relationshippart_of GO:0048619 ! embryonic hindgut morphogenesis
  relationshippart_of GO:0072002 ! Malpighian tubule development

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