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  idGO:0010828   Detailed information
  namepositive regulation of glucose transport
  def"Any process that increases the frequency, rate or extent of glucose transport. Glucose transport is the directed movement of the hexose monosaccharide glucose into, out of or within a cell, or between cells, by means of some agent such as a transporter or pore." [GOC:BHF, GOC:dph, GOC:tb]
  is_aGO:0010827 ! regulation of glucose transport
  is_aGO:0051050 ! positive regulation of transport
  intersection_ofGO:0065007 ! biological regulation
  intersection_ofpositively_regulates GO:0015758 ! glucose transport
  relationshippositively_regulates GO:0015758 ! glucose transport

No monarch genes has this GO term.