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  idGO:0015395   Detailed information
  namenucleoside transmembrane transporter activity, down a concentration gradient
  def"Catalysis of the transfer of a nucleoside, from one side of a membrane to the other, down the concentration gradient." [PMID:10353709, PMID:11749958, PMID:12446811]
  synonym"equilibrative nucleoside transmembrane transporter, nitrobenzyl-thioinosine-insensitive activity" NARROW []
  synonym"equilibrative nucleoside transmembrane transporter, nitrobenzyl-thioinosine-sensitive activity" NARROW []
  synonym"equilibrative nucleoside transporter activity" EXACT []
  is_aGO:0005337 ! nucleoside transmembrane transporter activity
  is_aGO:0015291 ! secondary active transmembrane transporter activity

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