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  idGO:0031514   Detailed information
  namemotile cilium
  def"A cilium which has a variable arrangement of axonemal microtubules, contains molecular motors, and beats with a characteristic whip-like pattern that promotes cell motility or transport of fluids and other cells across a cell surface. Motile cilia are typically found in multiple copies on epithelial cells that line the lumenal ducts of various tissues. Motile cilia may also function as sensory organelles." [GOC:dgh, GOC:kmv, PMID:17009929, PMID:20144998]
  commentNote that this term should not be confused with 'motile primary cilium ; GO:0031512': Motile cilia are distinct from motile primary cilia (GO:0031512) that are typically present during embryogenesis in a single copy per cell, affect asymmetric body plan organization, and move in a rotational manner, as opposed to a whip-like, manner.
  synonym"motile cilia" EXACT [GOC:curators]
  synonym"motile secondary cilium" RELATED [GOC:curators]
  is_aGO:0005929 ! cilium

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