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  idGO:0035182   Detailed information
  namefemale germline ring canal outer rim
  def"An electron opaque backbone of the insect ovarian ring canal that is a part of or adjacent to the plasma membrane. The outer rim is established as the cleavage furrow is arrested, and contains F-actin, anillin, glycoproteins and at least one a protein with a high content of phosphorylated tyrosine residues." [PMID:12435357, PMID:7925006]
  commentSee also the fly_anatomy.ontology term 'outer nurse cell ring canal rim ; FBbt:00004882'.
  synonym"germline ring canal outer rim" BROAD []
  synonym"nurse cell ring canal outer rim" NARROW []
  synonym"ovarian ring canal outer rim" NARROW []
  is_aGO:0044421 ! extracellular region part
  relationshippart_of GO:0035324 ! female germline ring canal

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