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  idGO:0046856   Detailed information
  namephosphatidylinositol dephosphorylation
  def"The process of removing one or more phosphate groups from a phosphatidylinositol." [ISBN:0198506732 "Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"]
  synonym"phosphatidylinositol phosphate catabolic process" NARROW []
  synonym"phosphatidylinositol phosphate dephosphorylation" NARROW []
  synonym"phosphoinositide dephosphorylation" EXACT []
  synonym"PIP catabolism" NARROW []
  synonym"PtdInsP catabolism" NARROW []
  synonym"PtdInsP dephosphorylation" NARROW []
  xrefReactome:110459 "PIP3 dephosphorylated to PIP2 by DPTEN"
  is_aGO:0046488 ! phosphatidylinositol metabolic process
  is_aGO:0046839 ! phospholipid dephosphorylation

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