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  idGO:0051047   Detailed information
  namepositive regulation of secretion
  def"Any process that activates or increases the frequency, rate or extent of the controlled release of a substance from a cell or group of cells." [GOC:ai]
  synonym"activation of secretion" NARROW []
  synonym"stimulation of secretion" NARROW []
  synonym"up regulation of secretion" EXACT []
  synonym"up-regulation of secretion" EXACT []
  synonym"upregulation of secretion" EXACT []
  is_aGO:0051046 ! regulation of secretion
  is_aGO:0051050 ! positive regulation of transport
  intersection_ofGO:0065007 ! biological regulation
  intersection_ofpositively_regulates GO:0046903 ! secretion
  relationshippositively_regulates GO:0046903 ! secretion

No monarch genes has this GO term.