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  idGO:0072034   Detailed information
  namerenal vesicle induction
  def"Signaling at short range between cells of the ureteric bud terminus and the kidney mesenchyme that positively regulates the formation of the renal vesicle." [GOC:mtg_kidney_jan10]
  synonym"nephron induction" EXACT [GOC:mtg_kidney_jan10]
  synonym"positive regulation of nephron formation" EXACT [GOC:mtg_kidney_jan10]
  is_aGO:0031128 ! developmental induction
  is_aGO:0090184 ! positive regulation of kidney development
  is_aGO:2000027 ! regulation of organ morphogenesis
  relationshippositively_regulates GO:0072033 ! renal vesicle formation

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