DPGLEAN04133 in OGS1.0

New model in OGS2.0DPOGS213830 
Genomic Positionscaffold104:- 129697-129837
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CDS Length141
Paired RNAseq reads  0
Single RNAseq reads  8
Migratory profilesQuery via corresponding ESTs
Best Bmobyx hitBGIBMGA011425 (9e-13)
Best Drosophila hit  CG10830 (5e-08)
Best Human hitND
Best NR hit (blastp)  PREDICTED: similar to CG10830-PA [Nasonia vitripennis] (8e-16)
Best NR hit (blastx)  PREDICTED: similar to CG10830-PA [Apis mellifera] (2e-08)
GeneOntology terms

GO:0008076 voltage-gated potassium channel complex
GO:0005249 voltage-gated potassium channel activity
GO:0006813 potassium ion transport
GO:0005515 protein binding
GO:0005886 plasma membrane
InterPro families  ND
Orthology groupMCL14489

Nucleotide sequence:


Protein sequence: