DPGLEAN16320 in OGS1.0

New model in OGS2.0DPOGS211580 
Genomic Positionscaffold11651:- 842-1060
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CDS Length219
Paired RNAseq reads  1
Single RNAseq reads  428
Migratory profilesQuery via corresponding ESTs
Best Bmobyx hitBGIBMGA006515 (3e-25)
Best Drosophila hit  scribbled, isoform M (1e-24)
Best Human hitprotein scribble homolog isoform b (1e-19)
Best NR hit (blastp)  hypothetical protein TcasGA2_TC011397 [Tribolium castaneum] (5e-23)
Best NR hit (blastx)  hypothetical protein TcasGA2_TC011397 [Tribolium castaneum] (6e-21)
GeneOntology terms

GO:0042221 response to chemical stimulus
GO:0042048 olfactory behavior
GO:0006963 positive regulation of antibacterial peptide biosynthetic process
GO:0005918 septate junction
GO:0008283 cell proliferation
GO:0016327 apicolateral plasma membrane
GO:0016333 morphogenesis of follicular epithelium
GO:0016331 morphogenesis of embryonic epithelium
GO:0016334 establishment or maintenance of polarity of follicular epithelium
GO:0016336 establishment or maintenance of polarity of larval imaginal disc epithelium
GO:0016332 establishment or maintenance of polarity of embryonic epithelium
GO:0016328 lateral plasma membrane
GO:0016335 morphogenesis of larval imaginal disc epithelium
GO:0045197 establishment or maintenance of epithelial cell apical/basal polarity
GO:0005515 protein binding
GO:0007391 dorsal closure
GO:0050803 regulation of synapse structure and activity
GO:0008406 gonad development
GO:0007280 pole cell migration
GO:0008105 asymmetric protein localization
GO:0035003 subapical complex
GO:0005737 cytoplasm
GO:0045186 zonula adherens assembly
GO:0016323 basolateral plasma membrane
GO:0008285 negative regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0051726 regulation of cell cycle
GO:0001738 morphogenesis of a polarized epithelium
GO:0007472 wing disc morphogenesis
GO:0048749 compound eye development
GO:0045571 negative regulation of imaginal disc growth
GO:0035088 establishment or maintenance of apical/basal cell polarity
GO:0050680 negative regulation of epithelial cell proliferation
GO:0000902 cell morphogenesis
GO:0019991 septate junction assembly
GO:0031594 neuromuscular junction
GO:0007464 R3/R4 cell fate commitment
GO:0001737 establishment of imaginal disc-derived wing hair orientation
GO:0042067 establishment of ommatidial planar polarity
GO:0045169 fusome
InterPro families  IPR001611 Leucine-rich repeat
Orthology groupMCL24222

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Protein sequence: