DPGLEAN16927 in OGS1.0

New model in OGS2.0DPOGS203696 
Genomic Positionscaffold7309:- 1990-3545
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CDS Length330
Paired RNAseq reads  73
Single RNAseq reads  280
Migratory profilesQuery via corresponding ESTs
Best Bmobyx hitBGIBMGA003489 (9e-44)
Best Drosophila hit  patj, isoform B (2e-37)
Best Human hitmultiple PDZ domain protein (2e-31)
Best NR hit (blastp)  GK20329 [Drosophila willistoni] (4e-40)
Best NR hit (blastx)  GK20329 [Drosophila willistoni] (1e-35)
GeneOntology terms

GO:0005737 cytoplasm
GO:0007163 establishment or maintenance of cell polarity
GO:0016333 morphogenesis of follicular epithelium
GO:0005635 nuclear envelope
GO:0016324 apical plasma membrane
GO:0016334 establishment or maintenance of polarity of follicular epithelium
GO:0045186 zonula adherens assembly
GO:0045196 establishment or maintenance of neuroblast polarity
GO:0045179 apical cortex
GO:0005886 plasma membrane
GO:0016332 establishment or maintenance of polarity of embryonic epithelium
GO:0035003 subapical complex
GO:0007043 cell-cell junction assembly
GO:0005918 septate junction
GO:0002009 morphogenesis of an epithelium
GO:0045176 apical protein localization
GO:0005515 protein binding
GO:0001736 establishment of planar polarity
GO:0045494 photoreceptor cell maintenance
GO:0034332 adherens junction organization
GO:0008594 photoreceptor cell morphogenesis
GO:0005875 microtubule associated complex
InterPro families  IPR001478 PDZ/DHR/GLGF
Orthology groupND

Nucleotide sequence:


Protein sequence: