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  idGO:0005834   Detailed information
  nameheterotrimeric G-protein complex
  def"Any of a family of heterotrimeric GTP-binding and hydrolyzing proteins; they belong to a superfamily of GTPases that includes monomeric proteins such as EF-Tu and RAS. Heterotrimeric G-proteins consist of three subunits; the alpha subunit contains the guanine nucleotide binding site and possesses GTPase activity; the beta and gamma subunits are tightly associated and function as a beta-gamma heterodimer; extrinsic plasma membrane proteins (cytoplasmic face) that function as a complex to transduce signals from G-protein coupled receptors to an effector protein." [ISBN:0198547684]
  commentSee also the molecular function term 'G-protein coupled receptor activity ; GO:0004930'.
  is_aGO:0031234 ! extrinsic to internal side of plasma membrane
  is_aGO:0043234 ! protein complex

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