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  idGO:0004012   Detailed information
  namephospholipid-translocating ATPase activity
  def"Catalysis of the movement of phospholipids from one membrane bilayer leaflet to the other (phospolipid 'flippase' activity), driven by the hydrolysis of ATP." [EC:, PMID:15919184, PMID:9099684]
  synonym"aminophospholipid-transporting ATPase" NARROW []
  synonym"ATP phosphohydrolase (phospholipid-flipping)" EXACT [EC:]
  synonym"flippase activity" BROAD [EC:]
  synonym"magnesium-ATPase activity" RELATED [EC:]
  synonym"Mg(2+)-ATPase activity" RELATED [EC:]
  synonym"Mg2+-ATPase activity" EXACT [EC:]
  synonym"phospholipid translocating ATPase activity" EXACT []
  synonym"phospholipid-transporting ATPase activity" EXACT [EC:]
  xrefReactome:7036 "phospholipid-translocating ATPase activity"
  is_aGO:0005548 ! phospholipid transporter activity
  is_aGO:0043492 ! ATPase activity, coupled to movement of substances

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