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  idGO:0006626   Detailed information
  nameprotein targeting to mitochondrion
  def"The process of directing proteins towards and into the mitochondrion, usually mediated by mitochondrial proteins that recognize signals contained within the imported protein." [GOC:mcc, ISBN:0716731363]
  synonym"mitochondrial protein import" RELATED []
  synonym"mitochondrial translocation" RELATED []
  synonym"protein import into mitochondrion" EXACT []
  synonym"protein targeting to mitochondria" EXACT []
  synonym"protein-mitochondrial targeting" EXACT []
  is_aGO:0006605 ! protein targeting
  is_aGO:0006839 ! mitochondrial transport
  is_aGO:0017038 ! protein import
  is_aGO:0072655 ! establishment of protein localization in mitochondrion
  relationshippart_of GO:0007005 ! mitochondrion organization

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