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  idGO:0009982   Detailed information
  namepseudouridine synthase activity
  def"Catalysis of the reaction: RNA uridine = RNA pseudouridine. Conversion of uridine in an RNA molecule to pseudouridine by rotation of the C1'-N-1 glycosidic bond of uridine in RNA to a C1'-C5." [EC:, GOC:mah]
  commentNote that this term should not be confused with 'pseudouridylate synthase activity ; GO:0004730', which refers to the formation of free pseudouridine from uracil and ribose-5-phosphate.
  synonym"transfer ribonucleate pseudouridine synthetase activity" NARROW [EC:]
  synonym"transfer RNA pseudouridine synthetase activity" NARROW [EC:]
  synonym"tRNA pseudouridylate synthase I activity" NARROW [EC:]
  synonym"tRNA-pseudouridine synthase activity" NARROW []
  synonym"tRNA-pseudouridine synthase I activity" NARROW []
  synonym"tRNA-uridine isomerase activity" NARROW [EC:]
  synonym"tRNA-uridine uracilmutase activity" NARROW [EC:]
  is_aGO:0016866 ! intramolecular transferase activity

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