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  idGO:0015940   Detailed information
  namepantothenate biosynthetic process
  def"The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of pantothenate, the anion of pantothenic acid. It is a B complex vitamin that is a constituent of coenzyme A and is distributed ubiquitously in foods." [GOC:ai, ISBN:0721662544 "Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary"]
  synonym"pantothenate anabolism" EXACT []
  synonym"pantothenate biosynthesis" EXACT []
  synonym"pantothenate formation" EXACT []
  synonym"pantothenate synthesis" EXACT []
  synonym"vitamin B5 biosynthesis" EXACT []
  synonym"vitamin B5 biosynthetic process" EXACT []
  is_aGO:0009108 ! coenzyme biosynthetic process
  is_aGO:0015939 ! pantothenate metabolic process
  is_aGO:0042364 ! water-soluble vitamin biosynthetic process
  is_aGO:0042398 ! cellular modified amino acid biosynthetic process

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