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  idGO:0040010   Detailed information
  namepositive regulation of growth rate
  def"Any process that increases the rate of growth of all or part of an organism." [GOC:mah]
  commentNote that this term and its definition depart from the usual conventions for GO 'regulation' process terms; regulation of rate is not usually distinguished from regulation of extent or frequency, but it makes sense to do so for growth regulation.
  synonym"activation of growth rate" NARROW []
  synonym"stimulation of growth rate" NARROW []
  synonym"up regulation of growth rate" EXACT []
  synonym"up-regulation of growth rate" EXACT []
  synonym"upregulation of growth rate" EXACT []
  is_aGO:0040009 ! regulation of growth rate
  is_aGO:0045927 ! positive regulation of growth

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