DPGLEAN01813 in OGS1.0

New model in OGS2.0DPOGS205871 
Genomic Positionscaffold1969:- 35524-36395
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CDS Length225
Paired RNAseq reads  11
Single RNAseq reads  465
Migratory profilesQuery via corresponding ESTs
Best Bmobyx hitBGIBMGA000106 (4e-36)
Best Drosophila hit  translocase of inner membrane 10, isoform B (8e-23)
Best Human hitmitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit Tim10 (3e-22)
Best NR hit (blastp)  mitochondrial intermembrane space translocase subunit Tim10 [Bombyx mori] (8e-33)
Best NR hit (blastx)  mitochondrial intermembrane space translocase subunit Tim10 [Bombyx mori] (4e-33)
GeneOntology terms

GO:0006626 protein targeting to mitochondrion
GO:0042719 mitochondrial intermembrane space protein transporter complex
GO:0045039 protein import into mitochondrial inner membrane
GO:0009792 embryo development ending in birth or egg hatching
GO:0040007 growth
GO:0040018 positive regulation of multicellular organism growth
GO:0040011 locomotion
GO:0040035 hermaphrodite genitalia development
InterPro families  IPR004217 Mitochondrial inner membrane translocase complex, Tim8/9/10/13-zinc finger-like
Orthology groupMCL14487

Nucleotide sequence:


Protein sequence: