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  idGO:0016010   Detailed information
  namedystrophin-associated glycoprotein complex
  def"A multiprotein complex that forms a strong mechanical link between the cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix; typical of, but not confined to, muscle cells. The complex is composed of transmembrane, cytoplasmic, and extracellular proteins, including dystrophin, sarcoglycans, dystroglycan, dystrobrevins, syntrophins, sarcospan, caveolin-3, and NO synthase." [PMID:15117830, PMID:16710609]
  synonym"DGC" EXACT []
  synonym"dystrophin glycoprotein complex" EXACT []
  is_aGO:0043234 ! protein complex
  is_aGO:0044459 ! plasma membrane part

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