The latest official geneset OGS2.0, which is based on the v3 assembly, consists of 15,130 genes.

Query details for monarch genes

The complete information for each monarch OGS2.0 gene can be tracked here. For a specific search, input the monarch gene ID in the correct format. MonarchBase can also list all candidates with related annotation, which includes input key words. If you are interested in the old version, we also provide access for all OGS1.0 genes.

  • Gene ID       (e.g. DPOGS208079)
  • Key words   (e.g. cryptochrome)
  • OGS1.0 ID   (e.g. DPGLEAN05008 or KGM_05008)

Searching for monarch genes using homologs

To find the corresponding homologs of genes of interests, paste your gene(s) in fasta format below and select the appropriate BLAST search method and threshold.

E-value: (Optional; 1e-5 as default)       [HELP]