Query genes potentially relevant for migration

Over 1,000 OGS2.0 genes of biological interest for monarch migration (Zhan et al., 2011) have been manually annotated and are available for browsing.

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Query monarch gene families

The systemic annotation of monarch genes was based on several well-annotated databases. Monarch genes for a specific Gene Ontology term, InterPro domain, or KEGG orthology group can be retrieved here. Key words can also be used to search for related families.

  • Gene Ontology term   (e.g. GO:0006281)
  • InterPro domain (e.g. IPR005101)
  • KEGG orthology group (e.g. K02295)
  • Key word   (e.g. DNA photolyase)

Show expansion and contraction of protein domains

Here are the comparisons of gene family assignment statisitics for the monarch and the other four insect species (Heliconius melpomene, Bombyx mori, Drosophila melanogaster, and Tribolium castaneum). Select either expanded or contracted gene families from the pull-down menu and set a number to limit how many families listed.

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List genes involved in biological pathways

Monarch genes have been assigned to biological pathways, according to the KEGG PATHWAY database. You can select all pathways having monarch gene hits or select a specific pathway by inputing either a pathway ID or key words.

  • Show KEGG pathway list
  • KEGG pathway ID (e.g. ko04650)
  • Key words for pathway name (e.g. immune)