We determined insect orthology using an OrthoMCL algorithm. A total of 13 insect species were included to identify orthology content; two mammalian species were used as outgroups. The reconstructed species tree, based on maximum-likelihood phylogenies of 1,494 single-copy genes, is shown:

Phylogeny tree Mouse Human Louse Pb_ant Lh_ant Bee Wasp Beetle Monarch Heliconius Silkworm Ag_mos Ae_mos Dp_fly Dm_fly

To see the gene list from each species for each orthology group and their multiple alignment, input the orthology group ID or the gene ID for any species included. Click the corresponding species name in the tree to check the nomenclature of its geneset.

  • Group ID (e.g. MCL12345)
  • Gene ID (e.g. DPOGS208079)